WTF Wednesday 29: Celebrating
    Allan & Katherine Silcock-Ross

Our friends Allan and Katherine live life with gusto. They’re open, game and generous. They leap with both feet.

Together, they’re actors and dancers and Whovians. They dare Extreme Hosting. They spar, strike and punch.

They’re leading-edge foodies.
They’re gung-ho godparents.
They’re equally adept at last minute and planned.

Their smiles are dependable, warming and wide. And their towering board game and cookbook collections are almost as impressive as their skills and largess.

In The Beginning

Allan and his siblings were our closest cousins on my dad’s side, growing up. But Allan was a boy (and a whopping two years older), so we exchanged, at most, Hellos.

That was the first 50 years.

Then in April 2013, Katherine invited our (then unknown) Ross-Blevis Clan to Allan’s surprise 50th birthday party.

We attended. It was lovely.

The next day, Allan and I connected on Facebook. Ten days later, Katherine and I did the same.

A few weeks and several delicious looking Facebook posts after that, they invited us for pseudo-last minute brunch.

We all clicked.

And we’ve been making up for those 50 years since.

Epic Then

We met with Allan and Katherine for various delicious meals that year. We got to know each other. We shared stories and laughs.

When December rolled around, we were floored to be included a Ross-Silcock Christmas (our first non-PJ Christmas ever). We were honoured — and gobsmacked by their hospitality and huge hearts.

Our friendship kept growing and before we knew it our girls had two bigtime heroes and an engaged, inspiring, respectful Aunt and Uncle they never could have imagined.

Epic Now

These days our wee family has tonnes of fun with Katherine and Allan.

We continue to meet for delicious meals around town.

We’ve celebrated Christmases and Easters together. We’ve celebrated birthdays and Canada Day and BYORTC.

We’ve done Yoga Nidra & Gong nights and pop-in visits.

Allan and Katherine have stood in the rain and snow at Luba’s cadet events. They’ve traveled to Kingston to celebrate Lucy’s summer training grad. We’ve cheered Allan’s talents. We’ve enjoyed board games, the Farmer’s Market and plenty of stories and laughs.

And we look forward to many more fun Epic Nows to come.

University of Allan and Katherine

I hope I learn from Kathlan as Scrooge should have from The Fezziwigs. The way they don’t let life slip past them. The way they grab it by its points.

These two don’t post Facebook quotes about courage, curiosity and connection. They live it. They’re examples. They jump in. They take risks. They make time for what counts.

Katherine and Allan put relationships, each other and experiences first. They’re patient, generous, playful and resilient. They never let their smarts, skills and accomplishments get in the way of friendship, family or fun. They don’t waste breath competing, judging or putting any person down.

Our friends Allan and Katherine throw wide open their home and their hearts.

We’re lucky, grateful people to have had them tumble into our lives.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Katherine and Allan, I would pick five full days of story-swapping, boardgames, relaxation and easy munchie meals in a cozy cottage in the Muskokas.

The weather would be blissful. The teens would be absurdly harmonious and blithe.

Sunshine, splashing, hummingbirds and huge laughs would send us all home refreshed with a wonderful new set of memories to be shared in the years ahead.

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