We Have the Technology

Mark, gadgets and my tolerant friends
are helping me rewire my brain.

A lot has changed for me in the past five years:

  • my cushy bon-bon-eating lifestyle;
  • my breezy, easy-peasy pace;
  • reduced responsibilities in parenting;
  • loads of reading and workshops;
  • regular pranyama, yoga and morning pages practice;
  • new, improved and fulfilling friendships;
  • the satisfaction of serving others as a yoga instructor;
  • the good food and tidyish living space that my free time affords.

To name a few.

But what’s really amped up my happiness to its dizzying height has been five years of marinating in goodness.

Science confirms that taking time to notice, reflect on and soak in the heaps of happy happenings that flit past us each day actually rewires our brains. It makes us happier, healthier, more resilient and more sensitive to good.

I’ve been haphazardly at this for most of five years. And I know for a fact I’m a rewired, rebuilt, recharged me.

Massive thank you to Mark, for the time and space to practice.

To my gadgets –

  • My iphone, for the ability and reason to notice, pause, capture, label and reflect.
  • My facebook stream, for the two-way ripples of sharing, connecting, reflecting, dissecting and encouraging.
  • My blogging, for the space to dig deeper.
And to my friends for tolerating my splashing around in small and large daily good.

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