Sis…ter… no… not ringing any bells…

My sister would have turned 47 today. If her spine had formed in utero. If she’d lived.

I wonder, quite often, about that offshoot. Where it might have led if any of a million factors had diverged from what was.

If the FDR had initiated folate flour fortification.
If she’d been offered the chance of a disabled life.
If she had magically developed, like David and me.

Huge history hinged on Faith’s tragic death.
Of course.
The lifelong echoes forever changing my parents and plainly shaping 20 month-old me.

But I wonder even about the smaller stuff. Like trucking through the same life with a 20 month younger sort-of-me.

I don’t pine for it. Or regret it.
Even slightly.
Still, it’s fascinating to puzzle out the possible influences of a close and similar family peer.


Just realized that Lucy being born on my birthday with Bayla 22 months younger has strangely given me a kind of glimpse. Life is interesting indeed.

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Michael: Gob, do you remember having a sister?
Gob: Sis…ter… no… not ringing any bells…
Michael: Besides Lindsay, of course.
Gob: Oh, Lindsay!!
Arrested Development ARR-311, Family Ties, February 10, 2006.