WTF Wednesday 28:
 Celebrating Shawn MacDonell

My friend Shawn is energetic, creative, playful and hugely generous. He’s communicative and welcoming. He’s capable and kind.Tech and business savvy aside, Shawn sports an air of ease and neighbourliness that transports us to a simpler, happier, more compassionate time. He cares about people — their success, their learning, their enjoyment of life. He works plays to support our community’s youth and the disadvantaged. He incessantly nudges us to all do the same.Shawn leaps into the ludicrous. He incites excitement.
His smile is as wide as his shorts-and-sandals season is long.

He’s an educator, an inventor, a social entrepreneur, a trainer, a blogger, a public speaker, a vintage log retriever, a wildlife rehabilitater, a hockey coach, a rugby coach, a creativity coach, a business coach, a team builder, a skater, a cyclist and a recovered computer engineer.

Shawn’s a passionate promoter of rule-breaking and silliness. And a volunteer timing-attendant/bouncer at The Wild Oat Café.

In The Beginning

Despite what that gingery 2010 unphotobomb (top right) might suggest, Shawn and I first met at CreatorCamp Ottawa, in 2012.

His speaking session was wowing. His friendly ways were first-class.

As it turned out, we were neighbours and we shared favourite haunts. Crossing paths at our local hardware store, tea shop or bakery, Shawn’s easy grin brought unexpected brightness to the entire Ross-Blevis clan.

We became Facebook friends.

Epic Then is Epic Now

These days Shawn and I swap news and wise cracks on Facebook.

We do a bit of scheming, in person and online.

And chance flashes of his elvish grin pepper my neighbourhood meanderings with cheer.

University of Shawn

While he’s a distinguished professor of Creativity and Getting Things Done, the following of his teaching-by-example course offerings top my list:

  • Perpetual playfulness.
  • Enterprising, creative efforts to encourage gratitude, generosity and community engagement.
  • Passionate prodding of the rest of us.
  • Belief in the goodness and worth of us all.
  • Easy-going ways.

Shawn’s breezy optimism is contagious.
He makes me want to be a better me.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Shawn, I would pick some wildly creative and joyful collaboration.

We’d do good.
We’d have fun.
We’d nudge a little more joy into the world around us.

Now, if only Maurice would vomit us up a plan….

Can you spot Shawn, Lucy, Bayla and Phaedra in the video?

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