WTF Wednesday 27:
 Celebrating John Meadows

My friend John is creative, compassionate, warm, welcoming and accomplished. He’s thoughtful and humble. Expressive and sincere. And his reliable puns and quick wit are bested only by the full-body chuckle he barely stifles during their delivery.He’s an IT developer, a podcaster, a musician, a photographer, a lyricist, an actor, a blogger, a history buff and a human hard drive of rare and sundry data.He’s a devoted husband and father.
He’s a daring explorer of even the scariest creative terrains.

John Meadows put the “buff” in Camera Buff.
And he’s our very own Gilbert and Sullivan.

In The Beginning

John and I first met at Podcasters Across Borders, 2007 (PAB2007).

In that unPABsteristic year of monetization, marketing and A-Lister backchannels, meeting John was a sanity saving highlight.

Epic Then

Over the years, John, Mark and I have enjoyed loads of laughs and learning at creativity and social media weekends (PABs, PodCampTO, PodCamps, VoxPopCon) in Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara on the Lake.

John has endured our feisty family dynamics during more than one overnight visit chez Ross-Blevis and he’s kindly spent time with us in Toronto.

We’ve even collaborated:

  • John and I were members of the Talking Stick podcast in 2007.
  • I was humbled and honoured to be part of John’s Women and Classic Cameras photo series in 2010.
  • And that long sleepless night following my first chemo-treatment, it was John’s sure-fire creativity, generosity and skill that popped into mind as we brainstormed intro ideas for a WeCanRebuildHer podcast. John generously did and nailed it.

Lucky me.

Epic Now

These days John and I keep track of each other on Facebook, exchanging infrequent messages to share:

  • ups, downs, news and laughter
  • our common outrage at the rude and the thoughtless
  • or the reassuring knowledge that we’re not alone in our introverted ways.

University of John

John’s rich curriculum could provide years of schooling in the intricacies and nuances of music, history, politics, photography, audio, creativity and culture. If I had that kind of brain.

But John’s gifts to me have been even better.

Firstly, because John sees me. And has from the start. Not just as Blevis’s wife, but as a worthwhile person. And as a friend.
I’m so grateful.

And secondly, because John allows others to see him. John is who he is. He muses and ponders. He shares uncertainties too many hide. He paints a vivid picture of a solid, sincere, unfolding, accomplished, perfectly human human being.

John’s courage and vulnerability inspire me. His sometimes searing self-assessments show me just how flawed, yet convincing, our inward eyes can be. Witnessing the folly of John’s inner-critic prods me to discount my own.
I’m so grateful.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next big adventure with John, I would pick a weekend in New York (or Toronto) celebrating and attending the opening of John’s critically acclaimed musical, “Blitzed”.

Our family, John’s and a host of giddy, glowing John Meadows fans.

We’d dress the part.
We’d gather for pre-show drinks and merriment.
Then, in the packed opera house, we’d whoop and cheer and impossibly resist the urge to sing along to the, by then, memorized and much-loved score.

It’s going to be grand.

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  • bobledrew

    #1: I hereby reserve the band name “A-lister and the Backchannel”
    #2: John Meadows is awesome
    #3: This series is and has been awesome, and I would say that even if I hadn’t been part of it.

    • #1: I reserve animation rights
      #2: I agree
      #3: Thank you, I am certainly glad you were part of it and I look forward to yours!