WTF Wednesday 25:
 Celebrating My Shanti Sisters
 Amie, Julie & Heather

My Shanti Sisters Amie, Julie and Heather are positive, enthusiastic, adventurous and kind. They are talented on the mat, as well as off. They’re — physically and mentally — fit, flexy and strong.

And they’re dedicated to helping others become all of the above.

In The Beginning

Amie, Julie, Heather and I met in September 2012 doing an intensive three week yoga teacher training course on Wolfe Island.

Despite the excellent company, fabulous vegetarian food and heavenly setting, it was a challenging twenty-four by seven experience.

  • Physically — up before dawn for mandatory muteness, meditation and strenuous vinyasa flow; late nights studying; unexpected detoxing and hours of poses each day.
  • Mentally — cramming sanskrit, history, philosophy and spatial tweaks, cues and adjustments into our tired and pressured brains.
  • Socially — missing our loved ones, adhering to strict (unexpected) rules and sharing space 24×7 with a dozen strangers.

I definitely wouldn’t have made it without the authenticity and generous smiles of these three ladies.

Epic Then

During that three week Shanti YTT shake-up, Amie, Julie, Heather and I studied and practiced, shared, listened, comforted and cheered.

I was, of course, mostly my pained group-self. But the cracks that let the light in were thanks to the love, laughter and levity of Amie, Julie and Heather:

  • Julie’s frank commentary, her mutinous morning unmuzzling, her cheeky relationship with her bolster, her super-sized pre-meditation coffees and her good natured grumbling.
  • Amie’s sweet spunk, her impish enthusiasm and her skillful and sustaining serenading.
  • Heather’s giggle-inducing banana inquiry, her sanity-saving late night chats and her honest exuding of wisdom and warmth.

Epic Now

These days Amie, Julie, Heather and I share good news, kind comments and healthy resources, from time to time, on Facebook. And each time we do, a shimmer of warmth washes over me.

I’m so grateful we met.

University of
Amie, Julie and Heather

These three ladies, their learnings, musings and adventures, continue to inspire me from afar.

Their continuously enhancing stretchy moves and teaching expertise. Their travels. Their shared journeys in and demonstrations of sound perceptions and attitudes.

Amie’s acting. Julie’s work with youth. Heather’s music and art.

Their kind connection, authenticity and ready cyber-smiles.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Amie, Julie and Heather I would pick a weekend of inspiration, education, relaxation and reconnection in some breezily accessible, affordable and gorgeous location.

Miraculous workshops with Brene Brown or Tara Brach or Pema Chodron (heck, it’s a fantasy: All three!) would shift and recharge us. We’d do blissful daily yoga and I’d magically keep up.

It would be lovely.

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