WTF Wednesday 24:
 Celebrating Tracy, Betti and Christine

My cousins Tracy, Betti and Christine are big-hearted, fun-loving and 100% themselves.

Based on slim glimpses of each over the recent few years, these lovely ladies have delightful distinctions:

  • Tracy’s air of smooth warmth and easy-going enjoyment
  • Betti’s boisterousness and generous hostess-with-the-mostest ways
  • Christine’s cheeky irreverence and twisted wit.

I love their exquisite dissimilitude.

I love the merry, loving, accepting, authentic, welcoming ways they share.

In The Beginning

I must have met these ladies in my toddlerhood, shortly after each was born.

In the years that followed, we were separated by geography and/or ages and/or family dynamics. But we were kids and we were cousins so we connected fairly naturally when we did wind up together.

We each had a place in the wider family fabric and that dim and troubling web of kin was a part of who I was.

We grew up. We lost track of each other.

Then thanks to Kelly, Facebook and Betti’s uproarious CousinFests, we began reconnecting — with gusto — in 2010. Time with these lovely, unpretentious ladies was breezy, and easy. And loads and loads of laughs.

After thirty-some years of family-as-Pavlov’s-dog-bell-of-angst, finding painless mirth and acceptance in this chilling realm was a jolly, healing shock.

Epic Then

In the old days, youngsters Tracy, Betti, Christine and I spent time together at gatherings of the extended family.

  • Summertime at Mayo’s cottage, Westport or Lake Ontario Park.
  • Thanksgivings or Christmases at Aunt Betty’s or the Clavettes.
  • GongShowing at Granny’s special birthday bash.

Tracy and I had fun together often, though in those early days our age gap gaped.

Epic Now

These days Tracy, Betti, Christine and I bump into each other on Facebook.

We happily catch up at occasional fun family functions.

And we send each other sincere words of support when rough times arise.

University of Tracy, Betti and Christine

Reconnecting with Tracy, Betti and Christine has been more than friendship and excellent laughs.

Discovering the variety of fine individuals fanning out from my family tree has softened my own cringing history. It’s revived my once withered sense of roots. It’s nurtured hope, harmony and history for my own growing girls.

Experiencing welcoming warmth where I’d so long held pain has freed me from some imprisoning perceptions. And made me curious about possibilities in other painful veins.

We have fundamental differences. We’ve been shaped by divergent family factors.

And I’m so grateful to have discovered and reconnected with Tracy, Betti and Christine — such healing family strands.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Tracy, Betti and Christine, I would pick a weekend of menial, purposeful busy-ness together in a cozy lake-side cottage in some tinted autumn woods.

A cooking- or painting-, canning-, hammering- or cleaning-bee. Tracy, Betti, Christine, Kelly, me — and any other first-cousin females willing to give egos a weekend off.

With hands busy doing, and a common selfless purpose, we’d sip tea and chat. Opening our hearts and our histories. Sharing. Comparing. Recalling, honouring and celebrating the threads of love, life and lessons that weave through us all.

We’d break for hearty simple nourishment. Take refreshing walks. And relax with a glass of wine, laughs and chatter before tumbling blissfully to sleep.

Listening, healing, connecting, understanding, sharing.
A wonder-filled weekend of laughter and love.

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