My hope

My dear Aunt Barbara passed away on Thursday.
Our hearts broke open wide and emptied us completely.

Since then, we’ve drifted in and out of shock, disbelief, hollowness, grief, gratitude and the reliving of many many happy memories.

Tomorrow adds a few new twists.

Two days of heart-wrenching formal farewells. The extensive, extended, grieving family. And the bonus challenge of 48+ years of some sticky icky family strife.

For the sake of my dear Aunt Barb, I will do my best to scrape off the unsavoury goo that coats me when I think of certain players. And to shed the iron armouring that springs into place.

My Aunt Barbara was an inspiring example of forgiveness, open-heartedness, good nature and freedom from ego’s choking defences.
And I love her.
So…I’ll pry and re-pry my heart open. I’ll arduously keep my shields and shells in check.

I hope.

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