WTF Wednesday 20:
 Tracie Stewart Celebrates Tracy Baillie

This week we are treated to a WTFW guest post by my friend Tracie Stewart. Huge thanks to Tracie for accepting the challenge and for this beautiful post……

My Friend Tracy is AMAZING! she is also a Mother, wife, aunt, daughter, sister, and best friend! She is Small and mighty,  Loyal and strong; she has a strength about her like no one else. Her quiet confidence causes those around her to simply stand back in awe.   She has a business degree,  has chosen the field of Photography.   Her work ethic, and drive make her a fantastic asset to anyone lucky enough to work by her side. She has a long blonde mane and stunning blue eyes, and I can’t forget to mention her beautiful skin that tans like no other! Best of all, Once this amazing woman has decided she loves you, you have her love forever.

In The Beginning

I met Tracy in 1985; She was the little sister of my boyfriends best friend Dave. We shared the same name, and the debate started about who spelled it right. There were many high school house parties,  we made so many memories.  She flirted with my boyfriend, yet we became friends.   Later I married that boyfriend, and Tracy became a bridesmaid at our wedding!  She acted tough, played basket ball, was a prefix at school.  Her amazing good looks attracted many, many boys,  If you were a lucky girlfriend, she allowed you in,  past her tough exterior and was your friend!  We shared so much, Ouija board nights, good times up at the cottage, lots of  giggles and dancing.  Then there was the small moments, little glimpses, that showed you that there was so much more to this beautiful, strong, intelligent girl. It was then, and is now, the purest gift she can give you when she calls you a friend!  Tracy taught me so much…There were club nights where she danced like no other! On game nights, she played to win,and taught me that it’s okay to be competitive. She was the master of flirting and taught me all I know in that department! She also taught me that some people are just meant to be friends from the start, that you can be drawn to each other love each other just because you do! Through all the boys and girls that came and went, we had each other. She always made it very known to anyone she let in, you have to love my friend Tracie too or you were gone, and I did the same.

Epic Then

Tracy’s was willing to share her deepest thoughts and dreams as she listened to yours with such intensity, it was truly gift. There was no time wasted on silly girly things like shopping or gossip; when she talked, it was because she was sharing something important. Tracy also always made it very clear that girls can do anything… be sporty and hang out, campout over night by yourself, or jump out of a plane,  Nothing was going to stop her then and nothing will stop her now!  We (Tracy, Dave, Ron and I) would say that one day we would share this big beautiful house down town Montreal, that we where family,  Tracy was the glue!

Epic Now

Tracy is the Mother of two beautiful children;  she has gone from being a lioness on the dance floor to a Mama Bear at home!  She has made her marriage and children her number one priority,  this from the girl who was nervous about just holding a baby!! Her shopping abilities have improved, thank goodness, she sure can buy a great pair of shoes!   She also hits the grocery store with just as much passion and grace.  Who knew that one day, she would be having cooking classes taught at her home!  Tracy holds so much pride in her home,  decorates beautifully,  has many dinner parties and kid’s parties.  She has made it into a warm and comfortable place that feels like a home, her home.  Family is everything to this lovely lady,  Her in laws treat her like a daughter,  They spend many holidays together and she puts so much effort into keeping in touch with those who are important to her.  Tracy’s Dad lives far away from her, and she never hesitates to be there when he needs her!  All the hours of encouragement, dedication and discipline that she has provided to her children shows in them everyday.  They are simply amazing.    My children also get the benefits of their Aunty Tracy,  her and Rich treat them and regard them as if they were their own.  Not many people do that and feel that for other peoples children,  I am very Grateful!

University of Tracy

Tracy  makes me think.  She can do so very quietly; without any negativity or judgement, make me open my mind to other ways and new challenges.  We don’t always look at the world in the same way, but that doesn’t seem to matter to her.   I am afraid of everything and she is afraid of nothing!  I think she went the that special “school” of You Never Give Up!  When I was afraid to go flying with her husband she knew just what to say  to get me in that plane;  “he will love that you trust him!” and off I went! Rich and I  have been Best Buddies ever since! She also knew I would love it and be so glad I did it! Thanks Babe!   Tracy is relaxed,  calm, and doesn’t over react.   She has shown me that it’s okay to stay in your pj’s all day to watch movies; that just hanging out with people you love is all that a person really needs.  Another big strong suit of hers is not  getting yourself all worked up if everything isn’t perfect.  She asks,  “what good does that do you?!”   Tracy’s love gives me the strength to get through each day.  She makes me feel like a good Mom,  smart,  important and  beautiful.   Best of all, she is like family.  She has shown me just what the love and support of a friend can bring you.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with  Tracy Baillie,  I would pick a road trip through Canada.  We would go with our families in tow,  and take turns driving in a big Winnebago!  We would stand together in front of a lighthouse in Nova Scotia,  go to Anne of Green Gabel’s house in PEI,  camp at Gros Morne park in Newfoundland.  We would do a lot of hiking cause we would all be in incredible shape!  We’d go whale watching (no Puking on the boat!), sit and walk on the beach, have great chats by the camp fire,  tell old stories, and plan our next trip.  Our kids would all get along (no fighting allowed between grown ups or the kids), and they would  think we were the coolest parents/Aunt and Uncle in the world!  At the end of several glorious weeks, we would all return home safe and sound.   Several weeks later,  Tracy and I would get together at our house to put together our photo albums.  Later that night, have drinks, good food and share the  memories of that unforgettable trip we took.

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