WTF Wednesday 18:
 Celebrating Mark Blevis

My partner Mark Blevis makes my life.

Mark is loving, level-headed and loads and loads of fun. He’s confident, capable and creative. Expressive, energetic, enthusiastic and tough. He’s hardworking and harmonious. Obstinately optimistic. Opulently open-hearted. Strong, playful and sweet.

Mark’s happiness set-point is dizzying. His wide, warm smile is a Richter ten and his lengthy strides stretch steadily toward brightness.

He’s a musician, a writer, a podcaster, a blogger, an event organizer, a public speaker, an entrepreneur, a media magnet and a digital public affairs strategist. His audio-visual storytelling is stirring. His information storage, synthesis and strategy systems, startling. And his sense of humour’s speedy, life-saving and sure.

Mark is generous with his time, talents, resources and in his opinions of others. He’s a proud, sensitive father and an intensely committed and indescribably whole-hearted spouse.

In The Beginning

Mark and I met at a stranger’s party, December 22 1995. Both brought to the party by mind-boggling flukes.

Tall and skinny and hugely handsome, Mark was impossibly my type. But he was five years my junior. Far, far too young.

We chatted about travels, flamer roommates and the web. He got my friend’s business card to “loan me this book“.

Weeks of twitchy lattee-dates and movie-dates, late-night-chatting- and meals-and-walking-hatless-on-the-arctic-skateway dates later, an errant email pulled us both back from bailing. But it was sundry trysts later, that illustrious first hug.

By spring, we were living together. Thrilling in giddiness. A lovely, easy, breezy two years.

But obstacles loomed. Our age, stage, interests and characters were mismatched. Huge family objections. My ticking clock.

It became painful slogging. And we sorted it out. Excellent therapy, huge anguish, strife and tears. We put our heads down and powered through. Together.

Little by little, we became us. Honest, supporting, sharing, spacious, silly, communicating, strong and spectacularly lucky.

I am grateful beyond words.

Epic Then

In the old, old days, Mark and I enjoyed carefree capers: A weekend wedding trip to NYC. Scouting right-angle possibilities in Salinas, CA. Tuscon, AZ, for spring training and cycling. The Cooperstown, NY, Baseball Hall of Fame. And family visits in Kingston, Toronto, Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

Then, near the end of our first chapter of family chaos and character-building, we plunged into parenthood. We’ve been adventuring ever since.

Travelling with newborns to Kingston, Toronto and Glens Falls. California with baby Lucy. A train trip to Halifax with toddler and three year old. Daytrips to Montreal. Umpteen in-town excursions. Summers and Christmas weeks in Denver. Rock Stars of Reading. And train trips to New Brunswick, Quebec City and, eventually, Alberta.

PABS, Podcamps, CreatorCamps and KidLitCons. All-encompassing creative partnerships. And startling fracases in relationships, employment and health.

Positive, planned or curveballed and crushing, life’s adventures have been magically meliorated by Mark’s humour, competence, courage and cheer.

Lucky, lucky me.

Epic Now

These days Mark and I maximize midlife fun.

Alternately enjoying and enduring our teen parenting.

Zestfully wrestling creative projects.

Revelling in good friends, food, family, and folly.

Learning, loving, lifting. Encouraging, supporting and making space.

And laughing.


University of Mark

Oh! This is a big one. Mark’s love and example have made me me.

Mark’s know-how, courage and confidence inspire me daily. I’m softened and emboldened by his patience, optimism and tact.

Mark has the parodoxical power to swell, sustain and celebrate past goodness (endlessly) yet spare not one precious second to resentment or regret. Every damn time. And each instance invites me to aim do the same.

Mark’s unflinching adoration and unconditional love delicately nudge me away from my fierce phobias and defences. Giving me space and scaffolding to explore, connect and grow.

And so much more.

I am grateful beyond words.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Mark, I would pick forty years of everyday preciousness. Starting right now.

And if I could magically conjure a specific additional adventure highlight, I would pick a month of backpacking in Europe. Mark, Lucy, Bayla and me.

Smooth sailing. Clear skies. Warmth, awe, laughter. Learning. Loving. Melodious family togetherness.

And a safe return to our healthy, happy life.

It’s going to be off the hook.

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