WTF Wednesday 17:
 Celebrating Phaedra Ross-Blevis

My dear dogFriend Phaedra is gentle, forgiving and patient; loving, loyal and loads of fun.

Her fur is soft and sweet-scented.
Her stretches, side-splitting.

She’s a brilliant communicator, an adoring companion and a steady source and spurrer of uncomplicated love.

Phaedra can’t catch. She’s an indoor-only fetcher. Her dog instincts are zero. And food that she’s tried before? Don’t even bother.

But what she does, she does well: love, love, love, love, sleep, communication and love.

  • One single patient claw at the door for ‘In’.
  • Barking like a banshee for ‘Out’.
  • A silent slide into my peripheral and an unblinking stare for ‘I’d like some of that’.
  • The politest sneeze for ‘Can’t you see me here staring at you?’
  • Loud booting about of her bowls to say ‘Did you forget about me?’
  • That heartbreaking head tilt and focus for ‘How do you expect me to have-a-good-day?’
  • And her wide-eyed over-the-shoulder look-at-me/look-at-the-bed anticipation meaning ‘Is… it……….BEDTIME?’

We can’t believe she’s never uttered a word.

Her tippy tappy foot steps flood my heart with smiles.
She pirouettes for people-food.
She’s the best ever dress-up sport.

And she’s in heaven when her head’s perched.

In The Beginning

When I first glimpsed Phaedra, she was as a dazed and fluffy puffball fluttering on a cork board. The “Puppies For Sale” print-out caught Lucy’s eye as we left her mandolin lesson at the Ottawa Folklore Centre in mid February, 2009. Bichon-Terri-Poos. Four or five to choose from. And our lives have never been the same.

We’d had no intention of adopting a dog. But it was a perfect storm. Lucy had been making our weekends miserable dog-pining-fests for years. My employer had applied for bankruptcy protection. I was about to leap out of my fulltime job and leave behind 25 years of software design. Mark was starting his own business. And we’d just received news that my estranged mother was in ICU following a blamed-on-me suicide attempt.

Life is short. Nothing’s certain.
Sometimes you just gotta say wtf.

Epic Then

Back then Phaedra was our darling baby pet.

She snuggled inside Mark’s winter jacket as we walked Lucy and Bayla to school. She meowed and snorted. She slept in her crate. She kept us company. She filled our hearts.

She pooped and peed on our beds and floors.

Epic Now

Our sweet and cuddly 5 and 7 year old girls are long gone, but Phaedra is still our darling baby pet.

She and I hang out at home while Lucy and Bayla walk themselves to high- and middle- schools. She barks and growls like a pro. She sleeps between our feet. She keeps us company. She fills our hearts.

And, now that she has us trained, she never ever poops or pees on our beds and floors.




University of Phaedra

Phaedra softens and opens my heart every single day.

Many times a day.

I’m sure she’s saved my life.







Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Phaedra, I would pick seven solid days of cozy home time, Mark, Lucy, Bayla, Phaedra and me.

Phaedra would have non-stop company and plenty of walks. Turkey scraps, popcorn and avocado. With miraculously minimal family fireworks.

Lounging, love and lots of it.

How about…. today.



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  • Laurie Kingston

    This is so beautiful, Andrea. I am teary.

  • Cousin Christine

    And now I’m bawling my eyes out. I love Phaedra, and I’ve never met her. Time to call Pixie up onto my lap, bury my face in her fur, and hope that she never, ever, goes away…