WTF Wednesday 15:
 Celebrating Laurie Kingston

My friend Laurie is caring, intelligent, authentic and extremely well-informed. She’s even-keeled, engaged and engaging. She’s strong and resilient. She fights for what’s right.

She’s a research and communications specialist, an author, a blogger, a knitter, a jogger, a dog-lover and a supportive and involved mother of two. Her fanbase is far reaching — and well-deserved.

Laurie challenges herself with new viewpoints, experiences and roads to wellness. She can organize events and people. She can get things done.

Laurie is a thoughtful voice of reason and a supportive friend.

In The Beginning

I met Laurie on December 27, 2009. At my head shaving party.

Laurie’s own head shaving party had inspired the event, though she and I had neither spoken nor met.

A stranger that day, Laurie smiled brightly as she handed me one of her very own shirts. It was boldly emblazoned C.C.K.M.A.. I liked her immediately.

Vibrant, beautiful and well spoken, Laurie was a gleaming beam of hope ahead of me as I embarked on a terrifying journey. I darted erratically in and out of her book and her various blogs. Her story scared me. Then, as my chemo wrapped up, I was treated to occasional comments from her on my own.

Following and commenting on each others stories led to coffee dates at the Wild Oat. And, though Laurie’s smarts and composure often cowed me, little by little we became friends.

Epic Then

Once I’d tamped down my rampant feelings of inferiority, Laurie and I had fun.

Chatty lunches and coffees at The Wild Oat. Lengthy dog walks. Blog Out Loud, 2011 and 2012. Coffee sorting. Occasional yoga. And wool shop excursions, by car and by foot.

We were teammates for two Runs For The Cure and familiar faces for each other at PAB2011 and Body, Mind, Spirit 2010. We kicked off 2012 with a four family collective knitting project and thoroughly enjoyed a memorable evening of Frivol Disobedience that May.

Together, we launched, challenging ourselves and each other to take risks and have fun. We met for wine. We met for beer. We did a parrot expedition.

Then time slipped fast and our shared adventures dimmed.

Epic Now

These days, Laurie and I share stories and support on facebook. We host each others’ dogs. And we catch up over breakfast every month or so.

Our collaborations have faded but our creativity and frivolity have not.

I do hope we’ll get back to weekly tea, podcasting and captured yolo larks.




University of Laurie

From her informed analysis of current events, societal inequities and the politics of healthcare to her vast knowledge of literature, writing and local wellness resources, I could learn loads from Laurie.

But it’s her strength, grace and radiance that benefit me most.

In choosing an outlook or charting my course, my mind often wanders to Laurie’s example.

Scanning through memories of her levelheadedness, her moderation, her steady courageous compassion, her equanimity, her plunges into ink and travel, her inclusion of life’s delights, I make better choices. I give myself breaks or I kick my butt. I glance away from fear and knee-jerk patterning.

Laurie’s friendship and example help shape my life.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Laurie, I would pick an overnight safari in the electrifying world of Diane Woodward. Just Laurie and me.

The drive would be invigorating. Clear, crisp conditions. Great coffee. Animated conversation. And smooth sailing all the way.

We’d be welcomed wildly by Diane. Then, stretched and shimmering following her healthful home hatha class, we’d oooh and aaaaah at a mind-whirling tour of her astounding home.

We’d chat excitedly, Diane, Laurie and me. Sleep soundly among goddesses, zebras and tree frogs. Then zip home, zapping with creative current.

The captured caper would kick off a Frivolity enkindling.

And the rest would be history.

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