WTF Wednesday 14:
 Celebrating Lisa Ross

My cousin Lisa is capable, open, powerful, and loving. She’s wise and warm. She’s quick with wit. Her wide-smiled chortle is delightful and infectious. She scored her dad’s impish, krinkle-nosed grin.

Lisa lives with zest. She knows just when and how to share her wisdom.

She’s farm girl strong.
Lisa tells it like it is.

In The Beginning

Lisa and her brothers were our closest cousins on my dad’s side, growing up. But since it was my dad’s side, we weren’t that close.

We played together at occasional Ross Reunions and when we stopped in, rarely, at each other’s homes. Our two families did a camping vacation once, but all I remember is some of us barfed.

Despite the distance between us, Lisa and her parents welcomed me warmly into their home for almost four months back in 1984. With zero notice and in spite of my embarrassing social (and general) ineptitude, they withstood me and my baggage with generosity and grace. Teenaged Lisa was a darned good sport. I blush just thinking of my botchery.

Time whirled by. We became adults. We became moms. And though we lived in the same region, we completely lost touch.

In autumn 2011, we clicked Facebook “Add Friend.” Lisa was mostly quiet. My feed splashed loud ups and downs.

Then on January 29, 2012, when a crescendo of family torment sent me crawling into concealment, Lisa went to some trouble to reach out to me with beautifully written, thoughtful, wise and loving words.

And our friendship was born.

Epic Then

My memories of younger Lisa and me have mostly faded.

I do remember chatty trips to the Stittsville Flea Market in the early 1990s. And following her much-more-eventful-than-mine romance.


Epic Now

Since that heartfelt opening back in January 2012, Lisa and I get together for good food, laughs and authentic, newsy chats every few months. Just us two or with various combinations of cousins, partners and families.

And we keep up with each other via facebook, in between.

Lucky me.



University of Lisa

I am grateful for Lisa’s shared warmth and wisdom. And even more grateful that she walks her talk.

She’s a steady example of vulnerability and strength. She wastes no breath struggling to compete or impress. Lisa frankly shares both victories and challenges. And lets neither define her.

She balances acceptance, boundaries and action. She applies skill and energy where it works.

Lisa reminds me what it is to be a Ross.
And gently awakens long dormant pride that I am one.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Lisa, I would pick a wicked weekly workout and gab.

Walking or skiing or kickboxing or barre, followed by good food and a spirited run-down of the week’s events.

The location would be — miraculously — walking distance between us. And we’d keep it up weekly, til we were wizened antiques.

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