WTF Wednesday 13:
 Celebrating Tracie Stewart

My friend Tracie is generous, creative, capable and exuberant. She exudes calm warmth and assurance. She’s open and authentic. She has sparkling azure eyes.

Tracie is an educator, a knitter, a painter, a journaller, a jogger, a hockey fan, a hockey mom, a yogi. She’s an explorer of wellness and creativity. She’s an engaged mother of two teens. She extends herself to care for her community.

She’s a fun-loving, considerate friend.

In The Beginning

I met Tracie as her child-care client in the summer of 2003. Lucy was almost four and had just moved up to the warm, loving JK daycare program in Lucy’s soon-to-be first-ever school.

For the following six years, Tracie and her colleagues were the proficient, positive, imperturbable moms I’d always wanted for our girls. Greeting us each morning with wide smiles, open arms and endless emissions of empathy, support and acceptance.

Comforting and commending. Coaching and commiserating. Tracie nimbly nurtured our growing girls. And offered blame-free bolstering of the too often floundering, flustered, failure-feeling Mark and me.

Our girls eventually graduated. Our orbits diverged.
Our fondness and gratitude for these loving ladies stayed strong.

Then in 2012, as I gathered guinea pigs for my embryonic yoga teaching, Tracie generously volunteered her time, support and space.

We met and stretched weekly.
We chatted. We shared.
We unearthed and explored our common interests.

Tracie and I became friends.

Epic Then

In the daycare days, Tracie was sunshine at our morning drop-offs. She was peace of mind during our days.

Tracie was fun, comfort, safety, tenderness and learning for our impressionable, developing girls.


Epic Now

These days Tracie and I enjoy enriching interactions over facebook or coffee — and too-rare laughs over wine.

And we aim to meet each week to get some yoga on.




University of Tracie

With a two-year headstart in parenting, a robust, reassuring manner, a knack for level-headed nurturing and years of ECE experience and training, Tracie gave our family a lasting foundational gift. Her six years of advice, acceptance and affection helped shape us.

And her ongoing friendship, feedback and candid sharing of her own creative explorations continue to enhance my life today.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Tracie, I would pick an energizing weekend of ideas and inspiration at I Can Do It! Toronto.

We’d playfully graze on a great buffet of viewpoints. We’d pick up helpful habits, consider thrilling shifts in perspective and have electrifying epiphanies. We’d enthusiastically discuss each session, over delicious food.

It would be swell.

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  • Jay

    Another great post, Andrea! Even though I’ve heard you talk about Tracie (and all the other great people in your life), I always love reading the full story in your WTF posts!

  • Jessica

    Lovely words! :)