WTF Wednesday 11:
 Celebrating Heather Garrod

My friend Heather is one brilliant, bubbly fireball.

She’s huge-hearted and accomplished.
Ethically driven, diligent and skilled,
Heather’s as modest as she is mighty.
And she smiles twice as wide as she is tall.

She’s a certified aromatherapist, an entrepreneur, a natural body care guru, a public speaker, an archeological conservator, a conference organizer and a yogi. She’s a miraculously sane mother of three adolescents. A tireless explorer of effective routes to joy and wellness. And an informed, dedicated promoter of earth-friendly, healthy living.

Heather’s enlivening laugh is always at the ready.
She makes the menial magically fun.
She’s an authentic, kind, attentive friend.

No wonder she’s a Darling Baby Pet.

In The Beginning

I met Heather as a customer in her store.

It was 2005ish and, lucky for us, a gorgeous zone of earth-friendly, bliss-inducing essential oils, books, gems, body care, reiki and garden gloriosity opened a stone’s throw from home: Planet Botanix.

With two wee ones in tow, we’d traipse in often. Seeking zen. Heather was friendly and knowledgeable. And we all loved the vibe.

I didn’t know her name. She didn’t know mine.
Planet Botanix eventually moved to Centretown.
And we spun around the sun 4 more times.

Then this January, that friendly woman from Planet Botanix appeared at yoga. We chatted. We lined our mats up side by side. We became yoga buddies, then facebook friends. By March we were gabbing feverishly over super-long lunches.

And the rest is history.

Epic Then

In those early Planet Botanix days, Heather was our source of aromatic spritzers and oils. She booked our reiki. She shared healing lore.

I smile wide these days as I unearth yet another empty PB vial, deep in a drawer or cupboard, to think that that fount of fragrance has become a such a dear friend.

Epic Now

Since randomly connecting in January, Heather and I have had loads of fun.

We’ve been super silly yoga buddies. We’ve squeezed and shaken our butts at the barre.

We’ve slurped healthy smoothies and enjoyed lengthy, lively confabs over breakfast, lunch, coffee and chai.

We’ve oggled oodles of gemstones.
We’ve whined at the Mayfair.

We’ve walked and talked
and concocted plans.

University of Heather

I could learn tomes from Heather. Her inventory of up-to-date environmental, healing and health knowledge is immense. Overwhelming, actually, for my minimal-storage-of-facts style brain. She’s willing to dig into the data and then dig in her heels, to complicate her life and inconvenience herself in ways that tire me just to contemplate. I absorb smidgens, in awe.

What Heather does teach me, though, is that confidence, competence, success and earnest tackling of serious issues are in no way diminished by heaping helpings of wholehearted silliness and joie de vivre. That they are, in fact, enhanced by it.

Heather can take on just about anything. She’s a capable crusader for the correction of some sickeningly serious situations. Still she doesn’t take life overly seriously.

Heather’s informal levity lessons might finally lighten me up.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Heather, I would pick a long weekend of yoga, yummy food and yammering in New York City.

We’d chat and laugh all the way there, setting ourselves up in a funky AirBnb loft near Broadway and 26th Street. We’d giggle through antigravity yoga and check out the Breathing Project. We’d take in sights, eat good food and maybe even catch a show.

We’d have gobs of silly fun.

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