WTF Wednesday 10:
 Celebrating Susan L’Arrivée

My cousin Susie is devoted, determined and down-to-earth. Her smile’s incandescent. She’s quick to laugh.

She’s a writer, a reader, a group home caregiver and a hardworking homeschooling mother of three.

She’s creative and conscientious. She’s passionate about children’s books. Her whopping faith is unwavering. And, though she was born a McCooeye, her wit and grit far out-Ross me.

In The Beginning

Susie was Ottawa’s first baby of 1970. I can vividly remember that yellowed newspaper clipping — Grandma and Grampa Ross proudly cradling grandchild fifty.

She was “Little Susie”, the sweet blond angel of our extended family. We played together at infrequent family dos. It was casual cousin fun in an ample widespread clan. Then we grew up. And that was that.

In October, 2009, Susie left me a kind get-well comment. I was busy healing. Life rolled along.

Unbeknownst to me, Susie followed my journey. Fourteen months later, she materialized at CreatorCamp. We clicked. Our families clicked.

Our friendship began.

Epic Then

Since then, we’ve had lots of fun with Susie and her family.

Shivery skating on the Rideau Canal. Strolling through fall colours. Muddy spring feeding of buffalo and llamas.

And sipping tea and chatting while the young ones read and crafted and dressed-up here at home.

Snugly, simply, catching up.
Like comfy long lost friends.

Epic Now

These days Susie’s on my mind.

I reflect gratefully on our re-connection.

I beam her healing vibes.

And I keep my fingers crossed that Susie and Steve will once again be ringing our doorbell. Dropping in unexpectedly for a chat, some laughs and tea.

University of Susie

Susie and Steve popped in on us in August. We shared some quick stories and I (embarrassingly, reflexively) bemoaned the teens.

“No one said it would be easy,” Susie responded.

That pivotal perspective flip has stayed with me. I hear Susie’s words when I’m sliding towards muck.

Susie has made tough choices. She’s endured loss and pain. And I’ve never heard her ever breathe one word of complaint.

Susie’s strength, resilience, optimism and good humour these three years remind me that life is good. That life is for living. Easy or not.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with Susie, I would pick a cozy autumn afternoon right here in the Glebe.

We’d stroll Commissioner’s Park, Susie’s family and ours, thrilling in crisp air, sunshine and brilliant red and yellow leaves.

Lucy, Bayla and Phaedra would romp with the wee ones. Susie, Steve, Mark and I would happily swap stories and plans. Then we’d head back home for hours of munchies, chatting and tea.

We’d all be healthy, carefree and mobile.
And we’d do it again, pronto.

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  • upstatelisa

    nice to have family like that! great writing as usual!

    • Thanks, Lisa. It sure is nice to have family like that.
      I am immensely grateful.

  • Janice Toews

    YES, it is so wonderful when your family are your friends. I have a few of them.