WTF Wednesday 08:
 Celebrating David Ross

I adore my brother David.

David is intelligent, patient and capable. He’s playful and youthful, unguarded and forgiving. He loves to read and learn, create and debate. He’s respectful and resilient, humble and good natured.

David’s smile tugs almost always. He barely contains his slow beaming grin. His heart is warm. His eyes sparkle. He’s quick with wit, spotting the absurd in the ordinary and spinning good news and bad into deadpan hilarity.

He’s a pastry chef, a philosopher, an autodidact, an artist, a theologian, a musician and a self-made geek. He’s backpacked through Europe. He’s been a Bohemian. He has homed in Greece and England, St. John’s, St. Agathe and Montreal.

David enjoys people. He is a master of not taking things personally. The more socially awkward, arrogant or even hostile people are, the more he enjoys being with them.

David lives his faith, despite all hazards. And never abandons his dream of family peace.

I love the giddy effervescence of being with David.

In The Beginning

David was born when I was five.

With two sort-of sisters between us and much upheaval at his birth, our beginning was wobbly. But we did have fun as children: crawling through sewers, playing in the barn, cross-country skiing and meanly treating sister Linda to two-against-one.

It was on my weekends home from University, though, that we really became friends. We’d make goofy videos. He’d show off new gadgets. He’d play me new records and share his harsh points of view.

And we’d laugh like fools.


Epic Then

Once I’d graduated, David joined me in Ottawa.

Roommate issues aside, those were awesome times. Roadtrips to Montreal, white water rafting, and an infamous hair-raising Oka camping fiasco.

Our obnoxious bond was tough on my boyfriends. But David and I sure had fun.

Epic Now

These days, we connect by gchat or emails. Briefly. And from time to time. We enjoy afternoons in Old Montreal two or three times a year. And David makes daytrips to Ottawa every four to eight months.

Our chats and visits are never often or long enough. But I’m always filled with thrilldom, and grateful, for each one.

University of David

David’s a persistent promoter of forgiveness. Both by example and by lengthy debate.

His vast virtues remind me there’s good where I came from. And he’s living proof that clear, firm boundaries can coincide with acceptance, equanimity and uncomplicated sincerity and softness.

David keeps things in perspective. And his invitations to do the same do me good.

Fantasy Fabulosity

If I could magically conjure a next adventure with David, I would pick three solid days anywhere, just David, Mark, Lucy, Bayla and me.

Here at home, wandering aimlessly, or cruising in the car. It wouldn’t matter what or where. Rain or sun. Hot or cold. Just three straight days of giddy David-spell for all of us.

We’d play games. We’d drink tea. We’d chatter excitedly about ideas, attitudes and situations. We’d bask in the glow of his attention.

And, as always, we’d laugh like fools.

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  • Cousin Christine

    And yet another, wonderfully engaging Andrea writing. I haven’t see David in what must be close to 30 years, but your WTF makes it seem like much, much less.

    • Thank you, Christine. We must amend that sometime soon. You two would have tonnes of laughs together. xo

      • Cousin Christine

        I would enjoy that… I like to laugh.

  • upstatelisa

    Another beautiful post! I love those photos of you guys when you were young! I can see the sibling resemblance! But nowadays, I think Bayla looks a lot like David!!!

    • Thank you, Lisa.

      Yes, I definitely see David in Bayla. I absolutely love that. And I cherish their strong bond.

      Lucky lucky lucky us.

  • Janice Toews

    I have had plenty of fun with you and David – I was there during some of the Ottawa roommate days. You two always made me laugh.

    • Oh, Janice! I love our overlapping memories. I get a huge wide grin every time I hear from you. xoxox