WTF Wednesdays:
 I’ve Made A Huge Mistake

Fabulous people make my life. Friends, family and community members, near and far. Some pop up sporadically. Some are firmly fixed in my daily paths. These fabulous people get me thinking and moving. They make me happy. And every one of them feeds my soul.

These early weeks of WTFwed, I’ve shared tiny glimpses of goodness in my life.

And the responses tell me I’ve been doing something wrong.

How could these people, whose praises I’ve been bellowing behind-their-backs for ages, be so astonished by my understated thanks?

All these years, I guess, I’ve hidden their impact. While thinking all along I’ve been transparent. And precise.


It has come to my attention that the words to the left imply that I’m somehow offended.

I’m not!!!

The point of that post was to highlight my learning and my learning is that even though I’ve always aimed to be open and clear and frank with my praise and gratitude and admiration of the fabulous people in my life, I haven’t succeeded.

Maybe I wasn’t as open and clear and frank as I thought I was being. Maybe my praise and gratitude and admiration were easily brushed off as good manners. Maybe too much of it was in my own mind. Or enthusiastically expressed to everyone but the person in question.

The point is, this WTFwed project is teaching me that people really don’t know the positive impact they have in my life. And I’m very grateful that WTFwed has given me the opportunity to correct that situation.

So when I say “I’ve learned my lesson“, what I mean is I’ve learned that people really need us to grab their attention with the specifics of how much they mean to us. And I’m so glad I have begun to correct the situation.

And when I say, “Have you?“, I’m inviting you to grab the attention of those who make your own life fabulous and fill them in on the specifics of how.


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  • bobledrew

    Interesting. I don’t read it as you being offended at all. I think what you’re doing is a clarion call for people to express their gratitude and love for others in their lives. Isn’t it funny that for many of us, that’s something we have to be reminded, encouraged, cajoled, to do, and that it can be seen as a courageous act ?

    What complicated creatures we are, and what complicated creatures we like to make ourselves!

  • Or as the yogis say, Namaste –> The light in me sees the light in you. The long, descriptive, specifically-what-your-light-does-for-me version.

  • Janice Toews

    All those words after ‘Ack’ – that is how I read the original post.

    Dear Andrea, I love you, and your impact on my life has been profound and positive, and I think of you every day when I see the Teddy Bear that you gave Alison when she was a baby. I have gotten rid of most of her toys and stuffies, but not that one.