And to think that we thought that we’d never be friends.

“It’s funny how quickly an argument ends,
and to think that we thought that we’d never be friends”

I spent ten minutes this morning listening in on 2006.  
To Mark and me, sitting at The Wild Oat, sipping coffee and chatting about podcasting, podcasters and choosing peace.

We’d have just spent a hectic few hours, making breakfast and lunches and hustling our 5 and 7 year old daughters out of the house.
We were making our daily connection before darting off to each of our demanding work days.

The chat was number 51 for JustOneMoreBOok. So early in our podcasting career.
Who knew we’d be recording 619 of them.
That three years later we’d can the show as I was being diagnosed with cancer.
Or that more than three years after that, we’d all be happy and healthy again.
That I’d have traded in my 20 hour days of frantic-paced parenting, software design and podcasting for a cozy life of learning and leisure.
That I’d be living this dream life.

And that we’d be reaching for peace in some of the least likely places.

I am so immensely grateful.

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