You are now punished. I punish thee.

She towers over me,
Brimming with intelligence, creativity,
Beauty, daring, and skill.
Melting me with slippery, unpredictable moments of sunshine.

But, buffeted by haughtiness, defiance and contempt,
I’m almost always struggling.

To scrape myself together.
To refrain. To adjust.
To recognize my baby behind the masks.

I’ve never parented a teen. And I’ve certainly never been in shoes like hers.

I’m immensely grateful, though.
For everything about her.
For being here to experience the beautiful, healthy, talented, strong-willed young woman she has become.

And for the countless second chances to be a better mom.

Lindsay: I hate to say it, but Michael might be right. You need to learn a little discipline.

Maeby: Hmm. Nope. That doesn’t feel right.

Lindsay: You are now punished. I punish thee.

Maeby: Are you serious? What could you possibly come up with that would punish me?

Lindsay: Oh, I have to come up with another thing?

Arrested Development — Pier Pressure, January 11, 2004.

  • Janice Toews

    They don’t come with owner’s manuals, nor are we the owners. You will always see your baby behind the masks, if you take the time to look. The masks are sometimes horrible and wonderful at the same time.
    I sit here on my pedestal of ‘I have been through and am now on the other side’. My teenager will be no more, come Feb 7, 2013. Wow, she is still my baby and it feels like yesterday, not 20 years ago.
    Kudos to our wonderful girls, their parents, and the rest of their villages, that raised them.

    • Kudos to you. It seems like only yesterday that that lovely new soul messed up our plans to hike the West Coast Trail. Ha Haaaa!