Keep your heads down and power through

A supremely boring chat in which we reflect on our much loved, under-achiever morning routine and have some huge laughs at our attempts to move outside our comfort zones.

Michael: Now, I know we’ve been putting in a lot of hours, but we’ve got to keep our heads down and power through, you know, and sacrifice.

Michael: Okay, these units aren’t too close together. We can get away with this, right, people? All right, just… speed it up. Come on. Keep your heads down and power through.
George Michael: Guys, it looks like we’re going to have to restock our nuts tonight. Now listen, I know that that’s nobody’s favorite Saturday night, but I think if we just power through and keep our heads down, you know, we might be able to…

Michael: Listen, uh, also, I know that we’re behind on the payroll, but as soon as the zoning committee gives me their approval, I know the bank’s gonna release the money. Right now I’m just asking everyone to, you know, power through, sacrifice.
— Staff Infection