I like it better on him ME.

Mark’s worn black mock turtlenecks since way, way back.
But, given
a) Mark’s thin frame, and
b) the sudden spike of serious illness among friends, family and icons,
the emaciated Steve Jobs sprang at me each time I looked Mark’s way.

I couldn’t take it.

So, I begged Mark to chuck the mock turtleneck. And explained why.
Mark cooperated fully.

And today the mock turtleneck became a funky reconstructed boat neck.
For me!

Things have a way of working out.

Lucille: Everything they do is so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to set myself on fire!

Lindsay: Good grief, Mother! Not all homosexuals are flamboy… Oh, my God, I have the exact same blouse.

Lucille: I like it better on him. (Arrested Development Pilot, 2003).