Incredible. I’m having an incredible year.

2011 was a fabulous year. A year of dreams and possibilities. Reconstruction. Growth.

We left behind some long-lived ways of being. We lost some good people.
We took bold steps.
We thrived.

I am immensely grateful for the great health and happiness we enjoyed this year.
The opportunities. The adventures.

Thank you 2011. For the royal treatment.

Here are some standouts from our year…

  January 31, 2011
Mark’s outrageously unexpectedly, switch to self-employment.
As crazy a curve-ball as this was, it made possible much of the marvelousness of 2011. Thank you, FH.
  February 12, 2011
Discovering and reconnecting with more good family.
After years of family fears and feuding, connecting with warm, wise, wild relations has been medicinal and magic. Thank you, Kelly, Barb, Betti, Kathi, Susie, Tracy, Christine and Charlene.
  April 14, 2011
Quitting Resigning Retiring Graduating from the working world.
After 30 years of clinging and cowardice, stepping away from 9-5 stress was a gift I had barely dared to dream of. Thank you, Mark.
  May 3, 2011
Losing Derek.
So, so sad.
  June, 2011
Taking bold steps.
This year I stepped way out of my comfort zone.
Hooping. Public Speaking. Madonna Yoga. Wall Yoga. Burlesque. Belly dancing. Bollywood. Jazz. Zumba. Ballet. Tap Dancing.
It’s been painful. I’ve been impatient and frustrated. And I’ve had to abandon a few. But I’ve kept at it and remain determined to be kinder and more patient as I do.
Summer 2011
Graduating from supervision mode as our little girls lept into independence.
Bayla’s first sleepaway camp. Lucy’s first job. Loads of freedom for Mark and me.
It’s been an adjustment but we’re all loving this exciting new phase.
Summer 2011
Reconstructing Bank Street.
The torn up roads. The quiet. The ever-changing landscape.
We loved the process and we love the new look. Thank you, Ottawa.
  July 25, 2011
Rebuilding Mark.
Three months of pain. The miraculous surgery. Thank you, Mark, for your patience and resilience. Thank you, OHIP for the fabulous care.
  July 2011
Revamping our rings.
Our original wedding rings chopped up and remade into four funky family bands. Rebirth. Reminders. Thank you, Nicole.
  August 2011
Extreme vacationing with Janice.
Eight days of railed pampering. Nine whirlwind days of awesome Alberta. Wow. Thank you, Janice.
August 22, 2011
Losing Jack Layton.
This knocked us all completely flat. We won’t forget you. Thank you, Jack.
October 6, 2011
Celebrating 2 healthy, happy years.
Time to start a new chapter. Time to look happily ahead. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  December 2011
A podcast is born.
No purpose. No plan. But it sure is fun to have a semi-creative project with Mark again. Thank you, Mark.

Thank you, 2011. Thank you Mark, Lucy, Bayla and all the friends and family who made it great.

Welcome 2012!
We’re striding into this new year with high hopes for great health and happiness for all.

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