And then there’s a kiss, right?

In which we finish telling the story of the million coincidences and the 3am email that brought the two of us together.

“I would kiss before I spoke… And then there’s a kiss, right?
Director: Louder
George Michael: (Loudly.) And then there’s a kiss, right?” (Arrested Development — Bringing Up Buster)
  • Just to be crystal clear … by “first time” you mean first kiss yes? ’cause “down by the stairs wearing that same sweater” doesn’t sound very conducive to .. well ..maybe not for the First Time (with a capital F.T.) anyway…

    Nice. Felt like I was eavesdropping on a cute couple at the next table ;)

    Thanks for sharing! All the best to you and yours for 2012.

    • Mark

      I guess we don’t kiss-and-tell, yet. This story really only takes you to our first hug. And, it was quite a sweater. :)

      Thanks for being the first commenter on our new podcast venture! Happy holidays and happy new year.

  • Janice

    That is so funny, even though I heard it before – podcasts are fun. It is a little like being in the room with you, except I don’t contribute. I miss you guys. I have only listened to about 3 podcasts in my life – On Just One More Book, Mark making Stoup, and this one. Bet I am a Luddite in your world!

    • Mark

      It’s a fun story to tell and telling it opens up other memories (and ancillary details) as you can tell. Makes me realize how many stories we actually live and how connected they all are.

      More to come…

  • Joanne Roulston

    Hi there: this is fun. Now I need to hear more about love and romance from you both.

  • Mark

    You’re just as likely to hear us chat about discovering the challenges of finding ourselves approaching (as I like to say) midlife (e.g. aging relatives and pre-teen children). Knowing that this walk down memory lane was appreciated means we’ll have to tell the story of celebrating one of our anniversaries with KD.

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